Let's have fun rowing and keep going until we are 300 yeas young!

Xeno Muller, Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist.


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“I will entertain you and give you great technical instruction!” Rowing is part of my healthy lifestyle.”
Xeno Muller has the best rowing workout for you.

What I row! Are you looking for a rowing machine?

Here is mine. I love the natural look and feel. It looks beautiful as well!

New owners get complimentary access to our live workouts and send clips of their rowing for me to look at so that I can optimize their enjoyment and keep us rowing until we are 300 years young!
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Thomas H.

I had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to attend classes years ago when Xeno had a facility in southern California, so when it came to my attention that this olympian world class rower was going to offer classes remotely I was overjoyed and jumped at this teuly elite opportunity. Xeno creates a great forum for rowers of any skill level to participate in challenging workouts which will take you past your comfort zone and if you are a beginner he takes the time to work on the skills step by step, so there is something for everyone here. Do not miss the opportunity to train a great motivator who has walked the walk!

Row2go with Xeno

Aimee E.

Loving it! I have been enjoying the focus on technique and power. I have been increasing my leg power because of the way Xeno explains the stroke segments. I am seeing such progress whilst having fun!!


Charlotte M.

“No other coach I’ve had can match Xeno’s energy and his positivity. I really feel like he’s rooting for me!”